“quite the leap!” said Father Time
“from the front to the back as 10 does 9
it all creeps up slowly on us from behind.”
clocks run to speed and then unwind

the black of night and summer time
makes it otherworldly easy to refine
a blazing arson fire on the mind
a tool of greatness we need to find

and so we mock ourselves in line
a cup of mothballs to be tried
a lady like you dignified
to take the waste out on my pride

eternal sparks of red sunshine
a bowl of moonshine at your side
you’d said you’d had it, but you lied

two days later i saw you cry

i tried to match you in your stride
but my i-can’t-ness was amplified
i aimed to be the moon-led tide
blue and massive, both long and wide

I have success strories I need to hide.





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