Reach: thought one minute before dying

im just hangin here
rope’s strength constantly jerking my gaze to you
film the momentum and quietly go into that place where i felt you like a cave around me and i understand who we are once more. under a breeze of sympathy is when we did our best and i became a symptom of your sickness and sympathetic to you because you called me ‘synonym’. Blessed me like a church preacher. White button up shirt (midget sleeves- wiz). Equal signs printed on the horses out back and a goddam overgrown cemetary with exactly 21 graves- a grave for each year i lived here (by the time i figured it out). listening to a yellow bird shout for sex, wanna lay some eggs later, bundled wood is a better home for me and you. Personality predicted when she said she hated my furniture. Sure it had been a while since i tried to do any thing but fuck,

feng shui is not real.


via Daily Prompt: Reach


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