the night sank after the future got sprayed with charcoal

after they told us to live like this.

your Dramatic mosquito mother sat next to me on
the day I fell for you.
her taxi mouth couldn’t get enough and
I just can’t get enough.

a twist in my side had let me know just how long I could take it.
aluminum clouds pestered the Cahaba lily in your yard before a
pleated rainfall converted itself into a home.

up on that hill is where I got to know you,
falling in love under an infrequent and egotistical sun-
-where I learned why scars from cupid seldom heal.


2 thoughts on “Hill

  1. From writer to writer, I am filled with an irksome curiosity. When you articulate your experiences this way and write them down, do they disappear as a burden would off of your shoulders? Or do they engrave themselves within you as a truth unknown before it was written down?

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    1. Yes, writing is like a daily therapy which allows me to express any kind of emotion I am feeling at that moment. I think it’s helpful to do something active with emotions like writing. How do you feel about writing and emotion?


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