we all said we didnt know but we did

we all said we didnt know but we did
every step they took exploded on them
and the sun pissed on their heads.
we took turns feeling sorry for them
also ridiculing them
we turned our heads in synchrony
how extreme we were
how must we have looked to them
but we were always doing the right thing
always doing exactly the right thing

they would follow each other onto the train
while we drank our third or fourth cup of coffee
drenched in the cream of Oblivion
we heard but absolutely never listened
and we quickly learned the difference
why help someone else when you can help yourself
it was always our pleasure and pain
it was always raining here
it was always raining on all of us
always gently reminding us

and sometimes it fell on us hard
and beat us down
but never quite like it fell on them
as if they were the filth that needed to be
washed and cleaned
but they werent

they would turn their heads up to the sky knowing it was empty
their cries and cold breath always went up
but escaped soon after their throats were dry with routine
the most loyal just figured
he must have been busy

Even when they were miles away we still heard them
then we started listening
because we made ourselves hear them
because we made ourselves remember them
and know them
and then we forgot them
why help someone when you can help yourself
we would look at the mud that gathered
in their shallow footprints under the rain
and see ourselves
every time was different
i swear it was
but we would always feel the same
routine is ignorance is bliss
we would console ourselves
instead of them

terrible violent demanding terrifying bliss


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