was walking in saunterland and what did i see
a great big monster looking at me
it hissed and it sang, struck fear in my heart
how offended he must be knowing i held fear for his art
i stared it down straight and said as I smirked
get out of here beast
can you believe it? it worked!

hast thou forgotten thine error and sin
take it in through the front and let it kill you within
how did you get here and what have you seen
tell us your wonders make us smart, make us keen
in saunterland nothing grows nothing dies nothing moves
all the men in the armies can give nothing that soothes

but take your own warnings and be sure to heed!
for no man makes it through saunterland without completing the deed
what’s the act you may ask that is for you to know
all you have to do is make a choice- to Saunterland shall you go?


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