mother looked behind me

mother looked behind me
she saw sky
sun sea and strawberry streaks littering the lower horizon

she caught me in her lion’s mane arms
she sat me down in the city
at the river she sang
made me feel alright
between oohs I breathed us in
taking in watermelon gulps of raspberry diversion

mama is a quiet person and
mama made me mean

mama made me know what its like to fight
with yourself.

and mama sipped on lemon spritzed clear drink
i remember the letter it starts with

when we came to the spot in the city
by the river
near the matted dirt among grass among flowers among concrete
the last thing we wanted to do was get dirt on our asses

so we walked.
that woman told me everything that day and whispered none of it.

mama is a quiet person but has big hips
gateways for princes
door to destiny and
port of poverty


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